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Optimizing Your Spare Parts Inventory: Understanding Utilization

One of the key factors in effective spare parts management is understanding the utilization of spare parts, i.e., what parts are being used, where they are located, and in what quantities. Having a clear understanding of utilization can help optimize inventory levels and reduce holding and storage costs. Additionally, it can help to increase revenues by ensuring that critical spare parts are always on hand to minimize downtime and improve efficiency. 


High Inventory on Hand: A Common Issue 

Companies often struggle with high inventory on hand for spare parts, which leads to higher operating costs. This is often caused by a lack of understanding of utilization, leading to overstocking of spare parts that are not critical to operations. On the other hand, if companies do not maintain enough inventory, they are impacted by lower outputs and thus lower revenues. 


Validate Your Spare Parts Inventory 

One of the crucial steps in understanding utilization is validating your spare parts inventory. This means checking that you have the right spare parts on hand and that they are in good condition. It also means identifying and getting rid of unnecessary or redundant parts. Validation of your spare parts inventory can help reduce corrective maintenance costs and improve overall operations. 


Relying on Operator's Reports: A Mistake 

Many companies rely on operators' monthly reports to understand utilization, without owning the data and responsibility. This can lead to missing opportunities to learn from these events, and ultimately repeating the same mistakes over and over, losing more money in the process. By owning the data and understanding utilization, companies can significantly improve their spare parts management and reduce costs. 


A Cloud-based Solution: 

To achieve optimal utilization of spare parts, consider using a cloud-based solution like Ventory. Ventory's platform enables real-time tracking and inventory management capabilities, helping you to optimize your spare parts inventory and reduce costs. Additionally, it provides a suite of machine learning and AI-based functions and analytics to help you to digitize and automate your inventory using unique identifiers such as bar codes, serial numbers, and SKUs.

With Ventory, you can have a clear understanding of utilization and validate your spare parts inventory, leading to improved spare parts management and increased bottom line.

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