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Ventory available for free for aid in Ukraine

📢  📢  Ventory’s solution is available free of charge to all organisations providing aid in Ukraine 🇺🇦 .

Given the current situation and Ventory’s roots in humanitarian aid, we have decided as a team to offer our remote inventory management solution for free to all aid organisations trying to establish field operations in Ukraine.

Ventory makes it easy to get an overview of field stock spread across many fragmented locations. This way, we help improve visibility and control of the aid supply chains across Ukraine and the neighbouring countries. With Ventory, you can track critical supplies such as medicine and medical devices, food, emergency kits and equipment, and any other aid materials that are desperately needed.

We have already set up Ventory in such a way that it would allow any aid organisation to run and operate globally coordinated efforts within hours.

Please get in touch, our team is on standby to support you in the onboarding. We want to help humanitarian aid organisations maximize their impact in this difficult and challenging situation.

#standwithukraine #humanitarianaid