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Dispelling 5 Myths of Smartphone Scanning

Using smartphone scanning is a great way to save on costs while still maintaining efficiency in the workplace. This is because it allows frontline workers to use devices that they are already familiar with to carry out their tasks, making the process much easier for them overall. Not to mention, when you use the best software and hardware combination available, the benefits are truly transformative. 

The new Ventory 3.0 Web infrastructure, used in conjunction with Ventory Mobile’s state-of-the-art computer vision and data capture solution, is one such work tool that is essential for inventory operations. Employees love how lightweight and convenient their smartphones are, and when it is paired with Ventory’s quick, dependable camera-based scanning software, it is a powerful tool for data capture. 

Even though using smartphones as scanning devices is nothing new, there are still a lot of misconceptions about how well they perform in comparison to traditional scanners. This article will dispel the top five myths about smartphone scanning and show why they are not an issue with Ventory Mobile and Ventory Web. 

1. Dedicated devices’ scan performance cannot be matched

In many cases, Ventory outperforms dedicated handheld devices when it comes to scanning range and scanning speed. With up to 40% greater scan range and greater scanning speed, Ventory’s mobile app is a smart choice for those who need a reliable and powerful scanning device. Of course the same is true if you run Ventory's app on your Zebra device, the best commercial-grade scanners on the market today.

2. Battery power and performance cannot last a shift

Most smartphones are equipped with powerful 4000mAh batteries. In fact, the average number of scans per charge is 12,760, more than 6 times the daily scanning needs of an average warehouse worker, which totals around 2,000. 

3. Smartphones cannot be rugged

There are certainly times when commercial grade scanners are superior, but ruggedization should not be an aspect in most cases.

Smartphones are also familiar with drop-tests from as high as 1.5m - more than enough to protect it from falling out of your pocket or from a parked vehicle. For those with an IP68 rating suggests that it is effectively sealed against dust and water, and it works comfortably in wet conditions. 

Even if your smartphone does not contain these specs, it is possible to quickly place a rugged case on it to make you feel more comfortable at using it in the workplace.  

4. Smartphones are less comfortable and ergonomic to use

Many smartphones in 2022 have a large 6.4-inch widescreen display, providing plenty of room to display documents, images, certifications or other relevant information. They are designed to be used while wearing gloves and support wet touch – so you can continue working even in cold or wet conditions. 

A scan range greater than that of most dedicated devices means there is less requirement for bending down or stretching up to reach barcodes. 

5. Smartphones are not secure and ready for enterprise deployment

Built-in defense-grade mobile security platforms allow smartphones to be protected against intrusion and malware. Security features such as facial recognition and fingerprint access provide additional peace of mind. 

These safeguards can be used in conjunction with cloud-based storage to protect against theft or loss. 


One high-performing device for multiple tasks 

When it comes to frontline operations, having a reliable and efficient scanning device is essential to get the job done quickly and accurately, especially in difficult environments where the lighting is poor, or the weather conditions are extreme. 

The trend for device convergence means that more and more features such as the camera, radio, phone, barcode scanner, and computer are being rolled into one package. Dedicated scanners certainly have their place, and smart phones can add to the versatility and userfriendliness of device choice in the workplace.  

Workers are happy to carry a compact, multifunction device around all day, or they may prefer the ergonomics of a dedicated device. Employers are happy for them to pick and choose because they know that all data collection, including barcodes, QR codes, and ID scanning, will be swift and accurately combined into one place, Ventory Web. 

With the best cycle counting solution on the market, Ventory is trusted by some of the world’s leading brands. Get in touch and discover how you can get started!