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Inventory Counting: the Worst Job in the World?

It is a fact. One of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks in any warehouse is inventory control and stock counting. 

This can involve anything from manual counting of items to ensuring that the right items have been received and are in the right place. Accuracy is key, but it takes up valuable time that could be spent on other tasks. 

Ventory’s mission is to help businesses shift tedious tasks to technology, and we have just added a major improvement to our software for store operations. Ventory 3.0 is faster and more efficient than before, which will make life much easier for businesses to unlock new ways to scan and work smarter.


Frontline Challenges: 

It is widely known that field engineers are quitting their jobs at an alarming rate, and this has become a huge problem for businesses all over the world. Called ‘The Great Resignation’ by some, inventory workers have been leaving their positions en masse due to several reasons, which span from feeling the workload is unfair, having a lack of flexibility, being under-compensated, or not having any opportunity for career advancement. 

At Ventory, our primary focus is on the workers on the floor, their comfort and empowerment. We, therefore, support those employees with our technology in this area, so we will look a little deeper into it. 

A growing number of warehouse workers are not happy with their current job, and they are actively looking for ways to improve their careers. To remain competitive, businesses need to address these concerns so that the employee retention levels rise, and businesses keep running smoothly. 

In a poll conducted with former workers who were asked what the worst inventory control task is, inventory counting ranked at n.1. Manually counting, primarily with pen and paper to determine accurate stock levels is the type of tedious work that ranks as the number one reason Field Engineers are leaving their jobs. 


Inventory counting – A numbers game 

It's understandable why inventory counting was voted the worst task - it usually involves the physical verification of quantities of items held in store, which can often be time-consuming and difficult, especially in a setting where items are spread across many locations and time is often of the essence.  

In most situations, counting is done one by one, which can be frustrating with a lack of accuracy. Here are just a few more reasons why it is one of the most hated tasks to perform: 

  • It’s unfulfilling. 
  • It takes a lot of time. Scanning and manually counting hundreds of items can be tedious. 
  • If you get interrupted or forget your count, you have to start again. Yet another source of frustration. 
  • Inventory inaccuracy can be costly for businesses. 


Count with Ventory 

Good news, everyone! With our new and improved Ventory 3.0, inventory counting can be done much faster than ever before. Scanning your spare parts inventory just became up to 50% faster than before.  

Warehouse workers can save valuable time and concentrate on tasks such as replenishment, order fulfillment, or (internal) customer service. Ventory 3.0 can help to increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace, as well as keeping stock levels up to date. 

With a long time developing and testing the user experience to ensure the best possible workflow for employees with minimal to no training requirements. We have made sure the experience is as seamless as possible. 

Empower your employees to work smarter and faster by activating their counting speed superpower. They will fly through inventory counting and receiving goods tasks, making their jobs a lot easier - and a lot more fun. Let us make inventory counting the best job together!